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1) How much do we charge?

The answer to this is dependent upon:
a) The type of event - St. Patrick's Night is usually more expensive, and similarly Corporate
bookings - but check with us first, so we can discuss what it is you have in mind.

b) The number of musicians required - more is more...usually. Whilst a larger band naturally
offers a fuller and rounder sound, the trio can provide a great evening's entertainment, and are
available from £300 - but best to contact us with your enquiry first.

c) Travel expenses and time - we are based in Brighton, in Sussex. The further we need to go,
the more expenses we are likely to incur (vehicle hire, fuel, etc.) and the more time it will take.

d) We always require complimentary drinks, on top of our fee, as part of the agreement between
us and the client. With bookings at distance we like to discuss food options as part of this too.

2) Can we do requests?

The answer to this is 'often'. We have a large repertoire of songs (and tunes) already, but we
are mostly happy to learn more, especially if they are in the spirit of Irish Trad/Pogues/Folk
As an example, songs that we've learnt especially for events have included: 'The Devil Went
Down To Georgia' (by The Charlie Daniels Band) and 'Galway Girl' (by Steve Earle - featured in
the Magners' Cider advert).

Update from January 2012 - due to the extra preparation time it takes to learn and rehearse
special song requests, the band has decided that we will need to add a £20 surcharge onto our fee for
this - as such, please ask as far as possible in advance if you would like this option. Many thanks.

Occasionally we get asked for a song when we are at the venue (sometimes while we are performing) -
we'll do our best to accommodate all requests, but even though we'd like to, we can't do everything!!!

4) Do we do Irish Céilí?

Strictly speaking, the answer to this is 'NO'. In the past we have, from time to time, worked as a backing
band for a caller, but generally we are far happier doing our own thing, which as it stands usually seems
to go down very well with all concerned. However, you could always put in an advance request for a
specific dance if you want one and we may be able to rustle something up!
Likewise, one of our agents - Barn Dance Agency can provide callers for ceilidh events.

5) If we are not available, or if you want an event with extra performers, could we recommend anyone else?

The answer to this question is YES! We are regularly in touch with other bands, musicians, dancers
and other acts, and can give recommendations.

An Irish Dance School we could suggest is: Manning School of Irish Dancing;
who are based at Westergate, near Chichester, West Sussex.

6) Do we have Public Liability Insurance?


7) Do we need a deposit to secure a booking?

Yes, we usually we require a deposit in advance, upon booking, for which we can supply you with a
receipt and written confirmation of our mutual agreement. The deposit forms part of the final fee.

All things considered, we hope that you have a great time with us and we strive to give
you the best quality entertainment possible.

Sincerely yours,
The Cracklin' Griffins

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